Valentine’s Day Date Night Essentials

Valentine’s Day Date Night Essentials

Valentine’s Day for many of you means date night! How many of you get that nervous, butterflies in your belly feeling before a date? Maybe it’s love? Or maybe you’re just dreading the time-consuming and complicated beauty rituals that go into preparing for your date.

If you're feeling overwhelmed with pressure to look perfect and feel fabulous for the special occasion, then we have some tips to help you feel good without the stress of a complex beauty routine. By using some of our simple Valentine’s top pick products you can be sure that you’ll feel relaxed and stress free. And let’s face it, that’s good all-around as stress is the ultimate mood killer!


Everyday Shampoo

Happiness is a good hair day, right? Your hair is what makes you feel most fabulous and that’s why, when preparing for a date night, it’s important to ensure your hair feels and looks great.

Sebamed’s Everyday Shampoo is made with vegetable agents to provide extra mild cleansing for normal to dry hair leaving your hair feeling and looking volumized with a silky shine and pleasant, delicate fragrance for any possible date night close encounters.


Repair Conditioner

A good conditioner can be a game-changer for your hair and your confidence.

Sebamed’s Every Day Shampoo and Repair Conditioner go hand-in-hand and when used together, are the perfect team to give your hair the care it needs and deserves. The natural moisturizers and high-quality silk protein in the conditioner protects the hair from becoming dry giving it the lustre and volume it needs for a night filled with confidence.


Lip Defence Balm

Did you know, like your fingerprint, your lips are unique? This makes taking care of them even more important. 

Wintertime can be harsh on our lips which could be a barrier when trying to turn up the romance during or after that special date. 

Sebamed’s Lip Defence Balm is made with Jojoba oil providing intensive care to your lips. The balm regenerates dry and chapped lips quickly and effectively alleviating irritations by care formula with Vitamin E and Bisabol. By using Sebamed’s Lip Defence, you can be sure that dry lips won’t be the thing to ruin that romantic moment at the end of your date!  


Anti-ageing Q10 Firming Body Lotion

When you hear the words ‘anti-ageing’ you imagine a product that can only be used when you reach the later years of your life, however, that just isn’t true! Experts advise that you should start using anti-ageing products in your 20’s to prevent premature ageing.

Sebamed’s Anti-ageing Q10 Firming Body Lotion is part of the limited edition anti-ageing gift set available this Valentine’s Day. Massaging your whole body with this before your date night will increase your skin’s hydration leaving it feeling smooth and supple. Using this lotion regularly will protect against premature ageing. There really is no down-side to starting your anti-ageing routine as soon as possible!


All of the products above are currently available in our Sebamed’s His and Her’s Valentine’s Top Picks special offer along with many more essentials to help you prepare for your date night without stress or pressure.


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