Skincare for Adults

Throughout adulthood, our skin undergoes various changes that can be influenced by factors such as pregnancy, hormonal fluctuations, environmental exposure and stress resulting in dryness, sensitivity, acne, inflammation and irritation of the skin. The optimal pH level for healthy skin is 5.5, however imbalances in the skin’s pH can lead to various skin conditions. These imbalances may be influenced by factors such as;

  • Hormonal changes, pregnancy, stress and diet can trigger an overproduction of sebum, a natural oil that prevents dehydration, leading to clogged pores and breakout of spots.
  • As we age, sebum levels tend to reduce, resulting in dry and dehydrated skin. Environmental factors such as weather changes, central heating and hot showers may also strip the skin of its natural oils, creating dry and cracked skin.
  • Using harsh, non-gentle beauty skin-care products which are not based on the maintenance of the skin's natural acid mantle may cause skin to become more sensitive, resulting in redness, inflammation or discomfort of the skin.
  • The skin’s natural active ingredient, Coenzyme Q10 tends to decrease from the age of 30 resulting in damage to collagen and elastin resulting in fine-line and wrinkles.

Using skincare products that are formulated to restore and maintain the skin's natural pH balance, addresses issues related to sebum production, dehydration, sensitivity and include beneficial ingredients like Jojoba Oil and Shea butter which can help soothe, alleviate skin condition symptoms and moisturise the skin. sebamed offers a wide range of products for adults, including sebamed Olive Face and Body Wash, sebamed Intensive Hand Cream and sebamed Anti-Dry Night Intensive Cream.

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