sebamed represents one of the leading brands for medicinal skin care with a pH value 5.5 of healthy skin. All products of the sebamed range contain high-quality active ingredients which cleanse and nourish the skin without destroying the natural acid protection mantle.

The beginning

Sebamed has its roots in the pioneering work of Dr. Heinz Maurer, a visionary dermatologist who dedicated his career to developing scientifically-tested and gentle effective skincare products. It was in the 1950’s, Dr Maurer began working as a physician in the dermatology department of the University of Bonn in Germany, where he witnessed the struggles faced by patients with skin conditions who were put on soap bans due to the harsh effects of traditional soaps on their skin.

Embarking on a mission to develop skincare products that would promote healthy skin without causing harm or irritation, Dr. Maurer revolutionised the way we approach skincare today. With pioneering research on the skin’s natural pH level and the importance of maintaining a healthy skin barrier, sebamed had a deeper understanding of the skin’s natural acidity and its role in protecting the skin. This knowledge served as a foundation for sebamed’s skincare products, which are carefully formulated to match the pH of healthy skin.

Dr. Heinz Maurer launched sebamed, which has now become a trusted skincare brand loved by millions of individuals worldwide. In the early days, sebamed faced many challenges with its groundbreaking ‘soap-free’ philosophy and concept of pH-balanced skincare which was unfamiliar at the time.

The Original 1967 Cleansing Bar


Despite facing initial resistance, Dr. Maurer continued his dermatology research and product development and launched his first product in 1967, the sebamed Cleansing Bar, a soap-free option specially designed for individuals with skincare problems. This innovative product changed the way people approached skincare, providing a solution for those who had previously struggled with traditional cleansing products. As a result, sebamed quickly gained a loyal following of individuals who finally found a skincare solution that would suit their needs.

Over the years, sebamed has continued to expand its product line, with scientific research and feedback from dermatologists. sebamed’s commitment to scientific research is evident through more than 400 scientific studies that have tested the effectiveness and skin compatibility of all of its products. These studies confirm the expertise in skincare for sensitive and problematic skin, earning them a place in the top 100 ‘superbrands’ worldwide.

Sebamed continues to work closely with dermatologists and pharmacists to ensure all products are developed to the highest medical standards, allowing sebamed to continue to provide the best medicinal skincare products to those with sensitive and problematic skin. Dr. Joachim Gottfreund, along with a team of 18 qualified specialists including cosmetic chemists, microbiologists, process technicians, assistant chemists and technical/pharmaceutical assistants oversee the development of new sebamed products.

Sebamed continues to be a family-run business based in Boppard, Germany run by Dr Maurer’s sons, who carry the legacy and values of the brand. Today, sebamed has grown into a global skincare brand trusted by millions with sensitive and problematic skin with products in over 120 countries.

Sebamed values

  • Scientifically Proven: sebamed is committed to developing products based on scientific research for those with sensitive and problematic skin.
  • Working in partnership with dermatologists, sebamed formulates and tests all products to ensure safety and effectiveness for all skin types.
  • Soap-free and alkaline-free with a pH level of 5.5 to support and protect the natural barrier function of the skin’s acid mantle.
  • Gentle care: Designed to be gentle and non-irritating to the skin, making the products safe and effective for sensitive skin.
  • Natural Ingredients: sebamed uses natural ingredients, such as Chamomile, Jojoba oil, Shea butter and Sweet Almond Oil - chosen for their soothing and nourishing properties.
  • Sebamed values affordable pricing, making skincare products accessible to everyone.
  • Suitable for the whole family: From babies and children to those over 50+ and for various skin and hair types, including sensitive and problematic skin conditions.

Sebamed mission

Sebamed has made its mission to provide gentle and effective skincare solutions that support the natural pH level of the skin. To ensure that all sebamed products are safe and effective for all skin types, the company works closely with dermatologists and pharmacists to continuously improve their efficiency and tolerance. Sebamed continuously improves the efficiency and tolerance of sebamed products on all skin types through close collaboration with dermatologists and pharmacists. Sebamed values affordability and accessibility, making quality skincare products a lifestyle choice for everyone.

The brand's dedication to research is reflected through the company’s principle of ‘Quality Through Research’ which has been the foundation of sebamed products since the very beginning.To recognise and support the importance of dermatological research on the skin surface and the environment, sebamed awards the Heinz Maurer Prize every two years. In creating soap-free and alkali-free products using natural ingredients and a commitment to gentle care, sebamed aims to help people achieve healthy skin at every stage during their lifetime.