Hand washing protects from infections with Sebamed

Hand washing protects from infections with Sebamed


The NHS has provided advice to the public about effective prevention against the Coronavirus pandemic, for which frequent and thorough hand washing is crucial:

Sebamed works just as well as soap against infection by facilitating the removal of pathogens (bacteria and fungi as well as viruses).

Unlike soap, Sebamed has a balanced pH value which maintains the protective acid mantle of the skin and saves hands from becoming dry and irritated by frequent hand washing.

Products to Try

Sebamed Liquid Face and Body Wash

Sebamed Cleansing Bars

We wanted to remind you...

The term soap is used generically for skin cleansing products in the UK, as this is the common term.

Sebamed cleansers are in no way inferior to soap, they have the same surfactant properties.

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