How to wash your hands properly

How to wash your hands properly

Hand washing protects against infections but only if the hands are washed properly. Watch this short video and check if your hand washing technique is correct. We've used green tempura paint for this demonstration, so that it shows clearly the areas that need to be covered.



In addition to the correct technique, it is important to use adequate soaps and cosmetics for hand care. Sebamed pH 5.5 products preserve the skin's natural protective coating and at the same time prevent irritation and drying.

Sebamed products are made in Germany and are of equal composition and quality for the UK and German markets.

Hand washing process:
The hand washing process should take 40 to 60 seconds (World Health Organization recommendation, May 2009)
1. Rub your palms in a circular motion
2. Rub palm to palm with intertwined fingers
3. Rub your left palm with your right palm with your fingers intertwined and vice versa
4. Rub the back of your fingers with the opposite palm
5. Rub your left thumb in a circular motion with your right palm and vice versa
6. Rub the gathered fingers of the right hand against the left palm and vice versa in a circular motion
7. With your right hand, rub the part around the wrist in a circular motion and vice versa

Take care, stay healthy and check out our hand hygiene products!

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