Top Skincare Tips for Make-Up Wearers

Top Skincare Tips for Make-Up Wearers

A good skincare routine is an integral part of self-care and hygiene. Our skin is delicate and needs to be treated well in order to remain healthy. The skin’s acid mantle, its natural protective barrier, helps balance the billions of microorganisms that live in our skin’s microbiome. Harsh chemicals, such as those found in some make-up products, and environmental factors can disrupt the microbiome’s balance and lead to irritated or infected skin. As a make-up wearer, it’s important to follow these top skincare tips to keep your skin healthy.

Remove your make-up properly

Removing your make-up properly is the best way to prevent dirt and oil build-up from the day’s make-up. Micellar water is great for gently removing dirt and make-up from the skin, without needing to be rinsed off. For heavier make-up days, opt for a more thorough face wash to ensure all make-up remnants, dirt, and oils are cleansed away.

Remember, never go to sleep with your make-up still on! Not washing off make-up before bed can lead to clogged pores, breakouts, premature ageing, eye infections, dirty pillowcases, and more.

Use products suitable for your skin type

Make-up can irritate your skin if you wear it for long periods – don’t make it worse with unsuitable skincare products. Sensitive and irritated skin needs gentle skincare products formulated to soothe and restore the skin’s natural protective barrier.

Do you long for a matte finish to your foundation, but have oily skin? Use a mattifying cream to lessen the skin’s oily shine and sebum production, whilst also moisturising the skin and reducing irritation.

For those who wear make-up to cover blemishes and acne-prone/impure skin, incorporate antibacterial cleansing foam into your skincare routine. This penetrates the pores for mild pore-deep cleansing, leaving the skin smooth and hydrated and protecting against skin barrier damage.

Wash your make-up brushes

Remember to wash your make-up brushes regularly to avoid the build-up of make-up, dirt, and oil in your brushes. For eyeshadow and brow brushes, clean after each use; for other brushes, clean at least weekly. If you’re a heavy make-up wearer, wash your brushes after every use to rinse away all the leftover make-up.

Did you know you can use our Liquid Face & Body Wash for washing your make-up brushes, too? Now your make-up brushes can feel as clean and soft as your skin!

Costume make-up do's and don’ts

Are you a regular wearer of costume make-up? Do you have intricate make-up plans every Halloween? Costume make-up and face/body paint can be harsher on the skin than everyday make-up and covers more areas of the skin, so take extra care before, during, and after wearing this type of make-up.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to follow when it comes to costume make-up and skincare:

  • Do ensure your skin is moisturised, hydrated, and healthy before you apply costume make-up,
  • Don’t use costume make-up and body paint formulated with harsh chemicals, where possible,
  • Do use clean brushes/sponges to apply your costume make-up, and wash the brushes thoroughly after use,
  • Don’t forget to thoroughly remove your costume make-up before bed to ensure it’s all off before you sleep,
  • Do cleanse your face and eye area with a gentle but effective cleanser. You may also exfoliate with a gentle scrub for a deeper cleanse.
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